What Basketball Skills Training Should Look Like
Insights From a Meeting With an NBA Skills Coach



If you’re a basketball player who wants to know how NBA All-Stars develop their skills and want a behind-the-scenes look at their training, this might be one of the most valuable messages you’ll read all day. 

Because not too long ago, I sat down with an NBA Skills Coach who pulled back the curtain on the truth about basketball skills development. 

According to him, lots of basketball players are stuck in their skill development. And to get unstuck… They should actually be doing less. 

So, if you want to get unstuck, or just want to see your skills progress faster, keep reading. Because I’m about to share the truth about basketball skills training.
My Meeting With an NBA Skills Coach
A few months back, I met Troy Leaf. 

He’s an NBA skills coach with an impressive basketball resume as a player and a coach... 

Troy played at the D1 level at UC Santa Barbara. Then, he transferred to Azusa Pacific University, where he was a First Team All-American, West Region Player of the Year, and Conference Player of the Year. 

When his college career was finished, he had multiple offers to play overseas, and thought about pursuing professional playing opportunities. 
But he decided to focus his efforts into coaching, training, and facilitating the next generation of basketball talent. 

From there, he became an Associate Head Coach at Foothills Christian High School, where they were Ranked #1 In the San Diego Section, and top 15 in the country. 

Then he coached NAIA ball at Master’s University where they went on to become Conference Champs. 

After that, he took his coaching efforts to the AAU Circuit, where he coached the U17 Compton Magic. They were ranked number one in the country, and hosted three McDonald’s All-Americans.

And now, he’s focused on developing the next generation of NBA talent. 
TJ Leaf, Doug McDermott, and TJ McConnell to name a few.

Even with all of those accolades, the most impressive part of his resume has to be…

Troy is currently the All-Time Leading Scorer in San Diego Country High School Basketball History.

That’s an impressive resume.

And when I found out about all of his success, I knew I had to learn more from him.

So, I sat down and picked his brain.
A New Approach to Skills Training
Troy has played basketball at some of the highest levels possible.

And he’s coached players at THE highest level.

Multiple NBA players, a college team, the #1 ranked AAU team in the country.

How many guys can pack that much experience into just 7 years?

Needless to say, Troy has seen how NBA All-Stars, McDonald’s All-Americans, and NCAA Superstars train...
And they don’t train the way you’d think.

I’ve found that lots of “trainers” on YouTube and Social Media bring out 20+ cones and place them in weird patterns on the court. They’re using 10 basketballs. They take 20 minutes to set up their drills. And their training is almost like a circus show.

It’s all gimmicks.
Here’s what Troy says about how NBA All-Stars conduct their skills training:

“Working with pro guys, when they walk onto the floor to work on their skills, there’s very rarely a cone on the floor, there’s very rarely more than one basketball being used, there’s very rarely any props being used. When pro’s get onto the court, there’s very, very little extras. There’s a basketball and whoever you’re working with. And that’s it. And you’re doing it at an extremely high level and at game-speed, game-reps.

Versus if you go watch somebody who may not really know what they’re talking about, they might bring four basketballs and 16 cones and it takes them 20 minutes to set-up the workout.

If you watch a pro, he’s 20-minutes in, full-sweat because he’s doing everything game-speed the right way, but basic moves.”

In other words…

Lots of athletes are doing drills they find on YouTube and Instagram from trainers with “hidden pasts” and weak basketball resumes. 

These drills have little-to-no transferability to the game…

And doing them can even get you benched.

Just imagine doing a triple crossover to behind the back and through the legs without moving an inch on the floor. Coach would pull you faster than Russell Westbrook pulls up for an ill-advised three pointer.
NBA All-Stars aren’t using an army of cones, or 5+ basketballs to train.

It’s just the player, the coach, and a basketball.

But, what does this kind of training look like for the average college player or high school player with aspirations to play at the college level?

It starts with the Four Pillars of Basketball Skill Development…
The Four Pillars of Basketball Skill Development
Troy is all about practicality.

He wants every drill you perform to directly translate to the game of basketball.

So, he’s boiled down the game to four key skills.

They are:

Shooting, Ball Handling, Footwork/Defense, and Finishing.

This may not sound sexy, glamorous, or magical.

And that’s because it’s not.

These are simply the foundational skills of the game

The secret sauce in his methods lies in the way Troy develops and progresses these foundational skills in each area.
Troy’s Three Steps to Elite-Caliber Skills Training
Like any kind of skills training, the training you’ll do depends on your experience level.

If you’re a top 50 recruit in the country, you’ll be doing different drills than a guy who’s riding the bench on JV.

Troy has progressions of each drill for each of the foundational skills he develops.

This way, it’s tailored to your skill level and position.

Regardless of how advanced you are, or what position you play, you’ll follow this Three Step Method for translating your skills training into your game:

1. Foundation

In the first step of Troy’s Three Step Method, you’ll be performing drills that are slightly outside of the scope of your ability level. 

These drills are going to lay the foundation for your ability level, and determine how the rest of your skills training looks.

You are going to struggle here. 

But the idea is to present you with challenges slightly above your ability level so you can adapt and get better.

2. Integration

You should have struggled a bit in the first step, but slowly adapted to the difficulty of the drills you were performing. In step two, the idea is to make performing the moves and drills from step one, unconscious. 

You want to be able to perform these moves without thinking.

You’ll achieve this by performing game-speed repetitions at game-intensity.

3. Translation

Finally, it’s time to take everything you learned and translate it into a game situation.

We’ll take each drill and move you’ve been mastering and tweak it to make it slightly more game-specific.

This way you’ll see how each drill fits into the framework of a basketball game.

And more…

You’ll be able to call upon your new skills in-game.
The KEY to Becoming a Great Basketball Player
Troy revealed the KEY to becoming a GREAT basketball player towards the end of our meeting.

If you look at NBA All-Stars like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and even James Harden, they might have a couple of spectacular plays here and there…

...But if you’re really a student of the game, you know that these guys score most of their points off of one or two moves.

And they’re simple moves.

Elite NBA stars don’t have 18 moves in their bag to get a shot.
They have one or two basic moves they’ve gotten really good at.

Iverson had the crossover.

Kobe had the turnaround jumper.

James Harden has the step back.

Steph Curry has a behind-the-back.

In plain talk… The key to becoming a great player is doing foundational basketball movements at a high level.
Here’s How Troy Can Help You Train Like a Professional Ball Player:
When Troy laid all of this out for me, I was impressed.

He’s teaching the same things for basketball skills training that I am for strength & conditioning.

Naturally, I had to find a way to bring his insight and expertise to the basketball world.

So, I had him create a complete basketball training system that would perfectly complement the Built 2 Ball program....

...A training system that brings professional-level training to basketball athletes of ALL levels.
Elite Basketball Academy : Game & Skills Training

Today Only $97

Elite Basketball Academy is a 12 Week basketball program that is tailored to your specific ability level, strengths, and weakness. It’s designed to progress you through drills that enhance the foundational skills of basketball, and show you how to apply each drill you master into the game.

When you join Elite Basketball Academy, you’ll receive
ELITE BASKETBALL ACADEMY will develop every skills aspect of a basketball player. From shooting to footwork/defense, using a science-based approach that has been tested by high-level hoopers who’ve worked directly with Troy. Inside, you’ll receive a powerful approach to TRUE basketball skills training. No gimmicks, just straight results. 
(Over 135+ Drills to Progress)
Troy has created OVER 135 VIDEOS that will teach you the driving factors behind ELITE BASKETBALL SKILLS ACADEMY and made them available to you in an easy-to-consume video library. These videos will show you what to expect month-to-month in the program and teach you how to extract the best results possible.
Building the Foundational Skills of the Game
 Develop a Consistent Jumper
Enhance the framework of your jump shot with specialized mechanical drills that hardwire proper shooting mechanics into your neuromuscular intelligence.
 Score In Traffic
Avoid the stamp of being a drive-way shooter and learn to zero in on the basket with a defender in your face or while you’re on the move.
 Become Lethal From Deep
Add range to your jump shot and become lethal from anywhere on the court
 Better Ball Control
Tighten your handles so you can slice through defenders and maintain control in traffic.
 Change Tempos On a Dime
One of the best ways to shake a defender is with a simple tempo change. In Elite Basketball Academy, you’ll add this to your bag.
 Lethal Combos
Develop a bag of lethal, but simple, combos that apply directly to the game
 Better Ball Control
Tighten your handles so you can slice through defenders and maintain control in traffic.
 Change Tempos On a Dime
One of the best ways to shake a defender is with a simple tempo change. In Elite Basketball Academy, you’ll add this to your bag.
 Lethal Combos
Develop a bag of lethal, but simple, combos that apply directly to the game
 Put The Clamps On
Get the footwork and the defensive savvy to cement your spot on the floor with great defense
 Become a Stopper
Develop the skill to stop anyone one-on-one and become the guy who comes up big against the most skillful players
 Develop Basketball-Specific Footwork
Basketball-specific footwork doesn’t have anything to do with running through ladders. Learn the real way to become more nimble and agile on the court.
 Attack The Defense
Learn the right way to lead and penetrate the defense in a way that creates scoring opportunities
 finishing at the rim
Develop game-specific moves you can use to finish at the rim, whether you’re contested or not.
 Get Crafty
Add a little sauce to your slashing and approach to the basket.
 Attack The Defense
Learn the right way to lead and penetrate the defense in a way that creates scoring opportunities
 finishing at the rim
Develop game-specific moves you can use to finish at the rim, whether you’re contested or not.
 Get Crafty
Add a little sauce to your slashing and approach to the basket.

Professional Level Basketball Skills Training


It’s Easy To Get Lost

There’s so much noise out there.

It’s easy to get drawn into someone doing a dribbling gimmick with a bunch of tennis balls and consider them an elite level player. 

But imagine… 

Blindly following a random YouTuber with a flashy dribbling gimmick. He has a hidden-past, and refuses to share his basketball resume. But, he offers free workouts. 

You spend hours trying to recreate his gimmick. 

You follow his free workouts every day. 

But, your training doesn’t translate to the game. 

That’s hours, days, months of focus and hard work invested for empty results. Sure, you can juggle three tennis balls while you dribble a basketball. 

But you still can’t play with the elite guys. 

That’s why I helped Troy to release Elite Basketball Academy. 

To help players at all levels experience REAL, professional-level basketball training that’s proven to work through years of helping hoopers play at the highest level. 

So, you can consider this a choice. 

A red pill, blue pill type choice. 

Do you want to follow free advice that leads you down a path of basketball mediocrity? Or, 

Do you want to invest in professional-level basketball training? 

The same training NBA players are using to get better? 

Choice is yours:
It’s easy to get drawn into someone doing a dribbling gimmick with a bunch of tennis balls. 

It’s hard to hear an NBA Skills Coach advising players to become elite at the foundational skills of the game to get better, and act on that advice.
Plus, You’re Backed By The Better in 90 Guarantee
Troy’s worked with basketball players of all levels.

From top-ranked high school players, to AAU, to college, to the NBA.

He’s seen and teaches what REAL skill training looks like.

And he’s contributed to the success of hundreds of players all over the world.
That said, there’s not a doubt in my mind that this skills training system will make you a better hooper if you follow it the way it’s laid out. 

So, I’m going to guarantee your success in 90 days or less.

And if for some strange reason you’re in that .0001% of players who don’t get better using this system, I don’t want you to waste your money. 

Just shoot me an email and show me that you performed the program as it’s laid out, and I’ll give you a refund. 

Plus, I’ll point you in a direction that will serve you best.

So, you can think of your time with Elite Basketball Academy as a test-drive or trial-run.
However you wanna think of it, just know that you get better or your money back.
How Much is Elite Basketball Academy?
Troy trains players at the NBA-level.

And he charges NBA-money for his offseason training.

We’re talking 5 figures.

But, Troy is also dedicated to helping players develop the skills to play at the next level. So, Elite Basketball Academy won’t be anywhere close to the hefty price he charges his NBA guys.

It won’t even be half.

It won’t even be a quarter of what he charges his NBA guys.

When you add on Elite Basketball Academy it'll only be...